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Bob the Builder Q&A

Bob the Builder and his can-do crew feature everyday on pre-school channel, JimJam!

How does one become an expert builder like you, Bob?

Well it takes a long time to learn to be a builder. A good builder needs to have a great team to work with – I have my machine team. I couldn’t build anything without them!

Is there anything you can’t build?

I’ve built some pretty difficult things in my time. I think the hardest job I’ve ever done is build a whole town from scratch! But with my brilliant machines to work with me, I’ve managed to build everything I’ve set out to!

Are there places you have never been or can’t go to?

My team and I have been to some amazing places - to snowy mountains and to the Wild West. I’d love to go to a real jungle to see the wild animals. And I expect Roley and Lofty would too!

Do you think Spud is annoying?

I don’t think Spud is annoying! He has some silly ideas and can get in the way sometimes – but he doesn’t mean any harm. We all love Spud!

Who is your favorite building buddy?

Wendy of course! We’ve been building together for years. She’s the best builder I know!

Can girls build as well as boys?

Of course they can! Just look at Wendy! And don’t forget Dizzy.

Which of the following jobs do you like most? Laying carpets, painting, building walls or digging?

All of them!

What are your favorite hobbies besides constructing?

I like playing tennis, taking holidays by the seaside and snorkeling and my favourite food is cheddar cheese sandwiches with chutney, beetroot or tomatoes!

Why the catchphrase "Can we fix it? Yes we can!"?

My team and I love to fix problems, especially when we don’t have much time.  It is my motto and encourages positive attitudes and teamwork!

Why have you chosen to be a builder? Do kids like building & constructing?

Because I like to help people and fix things and show kids that with teamwork, a positive attitude and caring for the environment we really can fix it!