Per i Gentori

dorothy.jpgDorothy the Dinosaur Q&A

Dorothy the Dinosaur is a character from hugely popular children’s programme, The Wiggles and now she’s got her own television series which is coming to JimJam in October!

1. Dorothy, how does it feel to have your very own TV show?

It is so exciting. I'm really looking forward to showing everyone some of the pretty things I have in my house and of course I want them to see my lovely garden!
2.  What’s your favourite thing to do in your very colourful garden?

That's a really hard question because I like everything about my garden. I like caring for my roses and I like to share my garden with my friends.  Sometimes I just sit in my garden and read a book!

3. Name your favourite flower or plant in your garden and why?

That's an easy one! My roses of course!

4. Is it hard to look after a garden, any advice or tips for other young aspiring green thumbs?

It's not hard at all but there are some gardening tips I suppose. Plants need water and sunshine and it's important to get rid of the weeds!

5. Is planting flowers for girls and boys?

Gardening is for everyone and it doesn't matter what you want to grow in your garden.  You can choose flowers like me, or bushes and trees or maybe fruit trees and vegetables. Watching plants grew is wonderful for girls and boys and for grown-ups too!

6. For such a young dinosaur, you seem very grown up with your own house & garden, is it hard to manage on your own?

Well, dinosaur ages are not the same as people's ages.  I'm five, but because I'm a dinosaur I can have my own house and garden and I do have lots of friends who come to visit and help me when I need them.

7. What’s your favourite game to play when friends pop by like Wags the Dog, Henry the Octopus and Captain Feathersword?

One of my favourite games is Follow The Leader. One of us leads and does some actions and everyone else has to copy.  It's a great game!

8. Describe what it’s like being a dinosaur – what does your daily routine involve?

Well, I get up in the morning and have my breakfast and then I water my garden and tidy my house, If I'm expecting friends to visit I make sure I've got some snacks they will like.  Wags likes the special dog biscuits I make and the fairies enjoy my rose petal jam!

9. You have many great friends Dorothy, describe what you look for and value in a friendship?

My friends are important to me. They are always there to help me when I need them and we all like to sing and dance together. I try to be a good friend to them too.

10.  What’s your favourite thing to do when you are not playing in your garden    with all of your friends?

I like listening to music and sometimes when I am by myself I put on one of my pretty dancing dresses and play some of The Wiggles' songs so I can sing and dance along.

11.  And finally, what’s your favourite thing to eat?

That's the easiest question of all - rose petals of course. They're yummy for my tummy!

Many thanks for answering JimJam’s questions Dorothy!